Trunk or Treat 2022~

Trunk or Treat 2022~


Thank you for the long wait, we've been quite busy here and DungeonDuo still feels so new that we haven't really set ourselves a posting schedule.

Recently we had our very first Trunk or Treat - EVER.

It was intense. We gave out over $300 dollars in halloween candy and had 51 costume contest entries (you read that right).

It lasted from 5pm to 7pm (though was originally meant to continue on to 8pm), and we had to stop and make a run at 5:30 because we. . .ran OUT of candy!

I still remember my daughter's face and what she told me the day we had bought the first batch of candy - 'DAD, this is WAY too much, you need to put some back!' Man were we wrong.

This event was sponsored and ran by GamersNGeeks (and us too technically as I run both em) and:

I want to give a big shout out to JD and his kiddo Sav for helping with running the costume contest,

And Prayer Tent Mobile along with their Tu-Tu Crew for setting up and bringing lots of cheer and love to the event,

As well as all of our other Trunker's who persevered through the torrent of trick or treaters.

And thank you to all the grown ups and their kiddos for coming out!


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